Well, hello! So excited for my first blog posting

While all my teacher friends are “winding down” and in a whirlwind of assessing, completing unit studies and preparing for end of the year graduations…I am actually starting a teaching blog! Crazy I know! Why now, you ask? Well I started a new journey in November that has led to fabulous world for me!  In November, I became a creator for Teacher-Pay-Teacher.  From this game-changer, I joined Instagram in January, and then from there things started really changing in my life.  I began developing relationships and friendships with teachers around the country. I have organized meet-ups with fellow teachers and bloggers in my area and quickly realized the wonderful social media world of teaching!  So here I am…joining the blogging world at the end of the school year – ha ha!

A little about me:
I was born and raised in NJ.  Although, it has been many years since I have lived there, part of me will always think of myself as a “New Yorker” because my childhood home is so close to the city.  Most Sundays as a family, we would venture in to explore.  I think I have probably seen every museum NYC has as well as eaten in every restaurant in China Town and Little Italy. Tricia’s Tip – If you can find Jorge at Puglia in Little Italy… you won’t be disappointed in the food or entertainment!

I journeyed to The University of Rhode Island for college where I spent just one year.  One of my dearest friends still lives in RI and I have made it a tradition to head back each summer with my boys for a wonderful visit.  Tricia’s Tip If you haven’t had the chance to visit Rhode Island in particular Newport…it is a “must see”!  Gorgeous historic mansions, beautiful bridges, and peaceful relaxing small beaches with amazing enormous rocks to climb on.  Did I mention the yummy seafood?

I needed to go “big” after URI, so I was watching the Rose Bowl in 1988 and Michigan State just called my name.  I didn’t know a soul in the entire state but it was the most incredible experience of my life.  I grew up in ways that completely changed me. I had the opportunity to live at Disney World and become a cast member while at State, joined a sorority where I developed life-long sister relationships and cheered as a fan at every sporting event that involved MSU!

After MSU, I ventured solo again a long way from home to Florida. My first teacher job was almost a block from Daytona Beach and it was truly a memorable experience.  At this school, I was the only Second Grade teacher and my classroom was located on the second floor.  When I opened my classroom door, I stepped outside to an beautiful outdoor verandah.  I loved my little classroom not only because it was lovely at this school but also because it was my first “grown-up experience”.  One of my most memorable days was when I had to ask some of my students to chase a chameleon out of the classroom!  A northern girl does not touch chameleons – ha ha!  To this day, I can still list all 33 of my students in alphabetical order.  Those little 7 year olds were my “first babies” and I will never forget them and the memories we created together that year.  (PS they are in their late 20s now…eek!)

After a few years in FL, I came back to Michigan where I have been teaching ever since.  I have taught First Grade, Second Grade and now I am a math teacher for students First-Fifth Grades.  Some of the highlights over the years, include teaching a 1/2 split, being part of an awesome team that opened an elementary school, receiving 4 grants and having an amazing teaching partner for 9 years.

I am a wife and mother now of 3 young boys and that is another “game-changer” because I understand little boys in a whole new way now.  Becoming a mother has also helped me develop great empathy and compassion for families that I never understood before.  Lastly, my middle son has special needs involving physical impairments and developmental delays in many areas. He has taught me many lessons but most importantly, I strongly believe that as a parent you are your child’s greatest advocate. 

So that is “me”, in a few short paragraphs.  I hope you will come on my blogging adventure where I can share some of my teaching successes and challenges! Let’s GO! 


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