Here is an awesome behavior management strategy that has worked for me magnificently the past two years.


I created this weekly job in my classroom to accompany “The Leader in Me” program. The student greeter stands next to me in the doorway at the beginning of class, as we both “Welcome” the students to class. Big smiles and true leadership skills emerge when students are Greeter! It is a much sought after position.

Mystery Walker!

The Greeter and I decide together as a team in secret who should be the Mystery Walker of the day. The Greeter and I watch all of the students walk down the hall like a “big piece of spaghetti”. I love visuals- ha!  If the Mystery Walker does a wonderful job, they are rewarded from the treasure box. Sounds simple but it seems to be a great motivator! 

Sometimes if the students are wiggly during class time, I will change Mystery Walker into Mystery Student for an hour of class. I love motivating the students to do their very best!


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