Communicating with Kindergarten parents is crucial but it also can be timely and plain exhausting! Kindergarten Parents and Families are our greatest partners and when we communicate with them in an effective way, the support at home can be priceless. 

Parent Teacher Conferences are a great opportunity to connect with families and share student progress, student challenges and student successes.  I enjoy meeting and connecting with families but I find my conferences are most productive if I have a plan and an organized system to follow.

What if I told you I came up with an easy organized way to let my parent know how their individual students are doing in EACH subject area?  Did I intrigue you? What if I told you these Kindergarten Parent Communication form were quick to fill out and not only share what students can work on but also share positive success as well?  Would you be interested in trying one for free?

I use these for to celebrate success and ask for extra support at home during Parent Teacher Conference and sometimes all year long.  Here is the Parent Communication Form I created for Kindergarten Math Number Recognition. There are 2 forms to a page to save paper-printer-friendly 🙂

Here is the form before I filled it out.
Kindergarten Parent Communication Math Numbers Freebie
I use these forms to drive the conversation around student challenges but more importantly strengths. I also find when I start the conference with kindness, empathy and compassion, the conferences run smoother and families are more apt to listen.  I can touch base on Kindergarten standards and expectations, show where their student is and then give ideas how to help and support the child at home.
If you liked my above freebie, you may be interested in checking out the Kindergarten Parent Packet I use.  This packet covers many important Kindergarten Standards in Reading, Phonics, Writing, Handwriting and Math.

This Parent Communication Packet also comes with matching Teacher Checklists to help organize data  and make it easier to remember what information was sent home.

What do you love about your parent communication. Share your tips in the comment below. I hope you found this Numbers Recognition freebie helpful and Happy Conferencing!

You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!


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