Measuring and Drawing Angles can be tricky for some Third Grade and Fourth Grade Students but with lots of practice…mastery is just around the corner.  Luckily, I have found some really amazing ways to get my students excited about and engaged in identifying, measuring and drawing Angles. I am so excited to share these fun activities to help your students master angles.

Before I teach how to measure angles, I always begin by introducing geometry terms like “ray”, “vertex” and “protractor” so the children have a better understanding of this sometimes abstract concept.  Talking about the types of angles is also very important.  We do all sorts of activities to help the students remember the features of different angles.

Real Life Experiences

Looking for angles around the classroom is a great way to bring real-world experience to your students as they are learning about measuring angles.  Sometimes my students are able to make connections by seeing angles in clock hands, slices of pizza, or furniture designs like our flooring and desks.

I love seeing my students get so excited when they recognize angles in everyday objects that they had never seen before! 

We draw angles EVERYWHERE like in the air during math lessons, on the sidewalk with chalk during recess, and even draw on our windows with LEEHO Window Crayons. 

One of my student’s favorite activities was going around their houses and taking pictures of the angles they saw. 

We brought it all together by using our tablets to edit the pictures and add in the measurements of the angles we find.

For extra engagement, use hands-on activities like kinetic sand to get your students engaged in practicing drawing and measuring angles.

We are even known to explore making angles using play-doh, clay, or shaving cream.  You know me, I love kinesthetic learning experiences.  If I can incorporate a hands-on tool, I am one happy teacher!

Hands-on fun is an excellent way to learn.  It helps the brain connect the movements to the types of angles and students can better remember the concepts.

Measuring Angles With Protractors

Using a protractor is a valuable skill but it doesn’t come naturally to your students. Just like everything else they learn, using a protractor take practice to get perfect.

This measuring angles activity is a great introduction for students.

It’s difficult for students to remember that the protractor’s tiny midpoint hole is where the angle’s vertex is aligned.

While students are getting used to measuring angles with their protractors, I make sure to walk around and remind them to keep the protractor straight with the angle’s bottom ray.

Using a fun worksheet along with the protractors, my students can get in a lot of valuable practice.

Sometimes, I even partner students up to have them do a peer review of each other’s work. This is an excellent way to keep your students engaged in the learning process.

Measuring Angles and Naming Them

It’s not only important to understand how to measure an angle with a protractor, but also to be able to identify and name each of the angles.

Three angle types I would focus on include:

  • Acute
  • Obtuse
  • Right

It’s fun to turn naming angles into a game! By asking students to go on an angle scavenger hunt, they are not only excited to get in more practice, but you are also able to do a quick informal assessment of their progress towards mastering measuring angles.

I like to call out one of the angles and ask my students to find one in the room and stand by it. After all of the students have made their choice, I call on a group and ask them how they know their choice is correct. It’s such a great way to get them used to using the vocabulary too!

Measuring Angles FREEBIE

I know you and your students will love these measuring angles activities as much as my students and I do. To get you started, I am so excited to offer this Measuring Angles FREEBIE for you to try out in your classroom today!

End on a High Note

Ending a math lesson with some musical fun is the BEST!  This Angles Song is catchy and addictive. Check out this fun song from Stacy Gray’s Class on YOUTUBE  If your kiddos are like mine, they will love it!

Get your students up and moving with fun songs as they learn about measuring angles.

It’s important for my students to get as much practice measuring angles and naming them. But, it’s equally important to me that they have fun at the same time.

Measuring and Drawing Angles

If you are looking for even more fun and engaging measuring angles activities for your students, be sure to check out this Measuring and Drawing Angles resource!

You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!

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