Division Dividing by 2 free Activities and free anchor chart for 3rd Grade Math and 4th Grade Math Students

My students are always SO excited to learn their multiplication facts.  Spouting off random multiplication equations seems to make them feel like a genius even before they have understanding of what this operation actually entails.  

Division seems a bit harder for students.  Seeing the relationship between the two operations can be very helpful. Teaching dividing by two doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, it can be fun! 

Here is my explanation of multiplication.  Multiplication is a “sister” that likes to put equal groups together.  It is a fast way to add. 

However, when it comes to division, I explain it is the “brother” of Multiplication. Where Multiplication is the “sister” that puts things together in equal groups, DIVISION is the brother that takes things apart in equal groups – so true … my 3 boys LOVE taking things apart at home  😉


Understanding what division means and identifying division words is very important. This will help when solving word problems.  I spend lot of time introducing division words early in my teaching so students have a better understanding what division means.  Here is an anchor chart I made for students that I sometimes use as a student journal cover.

Click HERE to grab a copy of this Division Word Anchor Chart, which may be the perfect addition to your classroom. 

Division Divide by 2 free Activities and anchor chart for Third grade Math and Fourth Grade Math

Where to Start When Teaching Dividing by 2

When teaching Division Dividing by Two facts, the first thing I do is  review Multiplication Facts Times 2 to refresh everyone’s memory.

This catchy song, “Don’t worry, don’t sweat, don’t even wonder – when you multiply two, you get an even number”, reviews Multiplication by 2 Facts.  Be careful, you may be humming this tune soon.

Using math manipulatives can help students visualize the division concept.  We love using magnatile pieces and calling them “beds”.  We also use mini erasers to split into equal groups.. Equally dividing the manipulatives and putting them on two separate objects allows the students to visually see the division of the number.
Division Divide by 2 free activities and anchor chart for third grade math and fourth grade math
At this age using real-life scenarios will help your students understand division. For example so if there are 13 cookies to be divided between 2 children have them work out how many cookies each kid should get. Then you can always share cookies with your class. 
The little elephant in the video below is super cute and helps beginning division students remember the relationship between multiplication and division. 
Even as an adult I sometimes use multiplication to solve the division facts problem. Instead of working from left to right, my eyes actually go from right to left switching the problem to multiplication.  In the Division Dividing by 2 worksheet below, I teach students this strategy .
Click HERE to download this FREEBIE to help with teaching division of 2. 
Division Dividing by 2 free Activities and anchor chart for Third Grade and Fourth Grade Math

Color by Number Activities for Practice With Dividing by 2

My students live for Color by Number Activities. It is an amazing way to practice division either independently, in small math centers, for early finishers, or working with a friend collaboratively.  It can be so fun!

Division Dividing by 2 free Activities and anchor chart for Third Grade and Fourth Grade Math
Teaching Division Dividing by Two Facts to your Third Grade Math or Fourth Grade Math students is important because it creates a wonderful foundation for higher math.  With the above free anchor chart and activities students will begin to master their facts.
Dividing by 2 activities are a fantastic way to provide practice for any division strategies that you are teaching. 
This dividing by 2 resource is a fantastic supplement to those teachers looking for more support and ideas to teach division. From spy stories to mathematical mazes this division bundle is perfect with fun activities to practice dividing by 2. 
Division dividing by 2 Activities for 3rd Grade Math and 4th Grade Math StudentsDivision dividing by 2 Activities for 3rd Grade Math and 4th Grade Math Students
The dividing by 2 resource is versatile, as well as perfect for morning work, homework, small group enrichment centers, and partnered work. Plus, it is a fun and engaging resource for your students and no-prep for you! 
Division dividing by 2 Activities for 3rd Grade Math and 4th Grade Math Students
You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!


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