Add Doubles Facts Free Anchor Chart and Addition Free Activities for First Grade Math

It’s Double Trouble Time!⏰  Adding doubles (1+1, 2+2, and so on) is an important step in learning basic operations for your youngest mathematicians.  This is one of the first steps in understanding counting, addition, and eventually multiplication skills. 

Your K-2 students will get excited about learning their doubles with these fun, engaging activities to practice adding the same number two times from 1+1 through 10+10.

Engage with an Adding Doubles Song! 

As always, I love introducing and reviewing math concepts with a short and catchy video.  If Jack Hartmann creates it, we play it.  Plain and simple.  We love that guy!
There are so many great doubles songs on YOUTUBE but another way I help my students is by giving each student an anchor chart.

Build a Foundation with an Anchor Chart

Anchor Charts help support my visual learners.  As time goes on, I notice my students rely less and less on the anchor chart as they commit these facts to memory and instant recall.
Click on the picture below to grab this Anchor Chart FREEBIE that is perfect for your math lesson.
Add Doubles Facts Free Anchor Chart and Addition Free Activities for First Grade Math

Adding Doubles Pictures

Color and cut pictures of baseballs and gloves to practice those addition doubles! Add two baseballs plus two gloves to equal four, or use the picture manipulatives to count three gloves + three more gloves for a total of six! 

Pictures serve as easy, printable manipulatives to count and add. As an added bonus, your students can practice cutting and coloring skills!  Let them get really creative with a big pack of colored pencils or crayons. Try out this counting and doubles activity in these ready-to-go double facts FREE printables!
Add Doubles Facts Free Anchor Chart and Addition Free Activities for First Grade Math

Color by Number

Yes! More coloring! Your K-2 students love to bring out the markers, crayons, and colored pencils, so activate their fact power with a color by number baseball player. This is another chance for your students to practice thier doubles and hit it out of the park! Your students simply solve the problems on the baseball player and color by number according to the key provided. It’s a home run for your students who are visual learners! 

Try this and other doubles activities that are ready for your students to use today! Want to add an extra challenge for your advanced learners? Have them create their own color by number sheets for adding the same number! Display the final products to showcase student math and art talent in your classroom!
Add Doubles Facts Free Anchor Chart and Addition Free Activities for First Grade Math


Use a Number Line

Incorporate a number line into adding doubles instruction. As your students solve the equations, they can use a number line as a visual or even plot their answer on the number line. Number lines are a great way to practice counting along with basic operations such as addition. 

The doubles activities come with equations and a number line on each of the equation sheets! Each of the above adding doubles activities are ready-to-go with the adding double freebie
Addition Doubles Free Activities for First Grade Math

More Adding Doubles Practice

Looking for more ways to practice adding doubles? This Doubles Resource is a fantastic supplement for those teachers looking for more support and ideas for practicing adding doubles. From colorful color by number activities to fun games, these addition activities are sure to keep your beginning mathematicians engaged and on task. 

]Free Anchor Chart and Addition Activities for First Grade Math


The double facts activities come with 25 activities, 12 student reference pages and 3 Parent Communication Pages:

  • Timed Test (36 questions on the page)
  • Adding Doubles with Dominoes (2 differentiated)
  • Missing Addends
  • Doubles Number Puzzle
  • Color by Number (6)
  • Five in a Row Game (2)
  • Rolling for Fluency Game 
  • Roll and Color Game (2)
  • Doubles Sum Find Game
  • Tic Tac Toe Game 
  • Word Problems
  • True/False – cut, sort glue
  • Baseball themed cut and glue to the double’s sum (2)
  • Student Bookmarks, Flashcards and Addition Chart
  • Doubles Anchor Charts (black/white and color)

Adding doubles is a beginning skill for students learning basic operations and addition. However, it’s a huge building block in learning multiplication (by 2).

Your students will win with these ready-to-use, fun resources for your Math classroom!  Perfect for morning work, math centers, homework, small group enrichment centers, and partnered work.  Plus, it is a fun and engaging resource for your students and no-prep for you!
Free Anchor Chart and Addition Free Activities for First Grade Math

You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!


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