Multiplication isn’t just about memorizing numbers … it’s about discovering the “magic” of mathematical patterns and developing skills that will serve students throughout their academic career.

Learning multiplication facts accurately with instant recall is important for students to become confident and efficient problem solvers. When students know their facts well, they will be able to solve math problems faster and with less stress. This skill also helps them in everyday life – calculating prices and discounts, measuring ingredients for recipes, or sharing things equally among friends – just to name a few.

Mastering facts is like having a superpower that makes math easier and more fun!

Let’s boost your students’ multiplication mastery and get them excited to tackle math challenges each day

I give my students lots of opportunities to practice multiplication facts in different ways. Here are some of our favorites


Sometimes we play multiplication games. Here are our favorite…
  • Rolling for Fluency
  • Factor Find
  • Memory 
  • Tic Tac Toe.  
Occasionally on a Fun Friday, we will play an all class game of Multiplication Basketball, Multiplication Bounce Off or some other type of game show forum (I do love recreating a Family Feud set up in the classroom with buzzers)  
Other times we practice writing times tables in…
  • shaving cream
  • sidewalk chalk
  • Window Markers 
  • snow. All of these practice opportunities are valuable and engaging for my students.  I know my students enjoy these diverse methods to increase their fact power.

Color by Code Activities  

However, I think one of their “all time favorite” ways is to practice their math facts through color by number activities.  I play classical music or relaxing jazz music while the students work independently or with a partner to solve and color their facts.And so, I have created several different color by code activity resources for holidays, special occasions and numerous other packets for times table practice . My newest creation incorporates Cats and Dogs…who doesn’t love a cute kitty or adorable pup pic :)
I made a free sample just for you.  If your students need additional practice mastering their multiplication facts, grab it below.

⬇️Grab this Multiplication Color by Code freebie HERE⬇️
Multiplication Color by Number Activities Free for 2nd grade math, third grade math, fourth grade math and fifth grade math centers
Multiplication Color by Number Activities for 2nd grade math, third grade math, fourth grade math and fifth grade math centers
Bottom Line: Practicing beginning multiplication facts with mastery is essential for students to build a strong foundation in mathematics, enhance problem-solving skills, and gain confidence in their mathematical abilities, setting them up for future academic and life success. Practicing math facts in numerous creative ways, meets the needs of all learners and memorization and recall their facts with more ease.
You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!


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