Multiplying by 12 Free Activities for Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade Math Review

Once students have mastered basic addition and subtraction, then they are ready for the fun stuff. One word, multiplication. 

This is a concept that I feel can go two ways for students. They are either thrilled to be learning something new or they have major anxiety about the unknown of multiplication. 

Because of this, it’s important to introduce or review multiplying by 12 with fun, upbeat, and engaging activities that are sure to cure any nervousness related to multiplication.

Interactive Videos

I love using YOUTUBE videos in the classroom. And, this YOUTUBE video from NUMBEROCK is awesome!  I love the rhythm, and your students will too! They will move to the beat, while also learning the multiples of 12. How fun! 

(In my next life, I want to come back as a dancer in this video 💃🏻)

Numerock Times 12 YOUTUBEThe Times 12 Table Song


As always, I love introducing and reviewing math concepts with a short and catchy video.  If Jack Hartmann creates it, we play it.  Plain and simple.  We love that guy! In this video, students can learn to multiply by 12 (along with Jack, of course!).


Multiplying by 12 Activities

Students can practice their multiplication facts with this Multiplication Facts Activity. This is a great way to review, enhance or simply learn new multiplication facts by 12. The games, activities, and flashcards in this Multiplication Resource have been proven to be highly effective in helping beginners master multiplication factor 12 facts and times tables. Students will have FUN while also learning. Win-Win!

Multiplying by 12 Activities for Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade Math Review

Bottom Line: Knowing Multiplication Facts with instant recall and accuracy is crucial for higher learning in math. Once students understand the basic concept of multiplication, looking for patterns within times tables and practicing facts in a fun way can help students achieve mastery. 

Multiplying by 12 Resources

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered 

Grab this awesome FREEBIE to practice multiplying by 12 with your students! Students can find the missing product of multiplication facts to make each number equation true. 

Multiplying by 12 Free Activities for Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade Math Review
Math Games continue to be an important part of my math block. In Times 12 Bump, students will play a fun, multiplication game with partners. The only materials needed are dice and some counters. The player who solves the most products wins!
Multiplying by 12 Free Activities for Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade Math Review

If your students find the above Multiplication Times 12 free activities helpful, you may also like my Multiplication Facts Times 12 worksheets. And, the Multiplying by 12 resource is a wonderful supplement for those teachers looking for more support and ideas to practice and review multiplying by 12. From word problems to mathematical mazes, this multiplication packet is perfect with fun activities to practice multiplying by twelve.


The Multiplication Times 12 resource, as seen above, is versatile, as well as perfect for morning work, homework, small group enrichment centers, and partnered work. Plus, it is a fun and engaging resource for your students and no prep for you! 
You can always count on me for high-quality resources that your students will enjoy.


You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!



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