3 Fun Ways to Practice Multiplication Math Facts during the Summer for Third Grade Math, Fourth Grade Math and Fifth Grade Math Students

Sun and fun…as summer approach loading up my Third Grade and Fourth Grade Math students with multiplication math fact practice is the key to avoiding the summer slide. These summer multiplication practice ideas are sure to be a hit with students and parents alike.


Practicing multiplication facts throughout the summer helps upper elementary students ease into higher math with less time focusing on solving the facts and more time dedicated to the math concept. 


Because of this, when students know their multiplication facts with ease and accuracy, they’re more willing to try higher math concepts because they have confident in the basic foundation of their math facts.


3 Ways to Have Students Get Excited About Summer Multiplication Practice

1. Multiplication Games

2. Art Activities

3. Color by Number Activities 



Games are such an important part of childhood. Through games, children learn sharing, problem-solving skills, communication skills and wait time.  Presenting math in game form has numerous benefits.  


Used as a review, math games can help all different types of learners.  Visual learners are supported through seeing numbers and manipulatives.  Kinesthetic Learners are able to have the hands-on movement experience they need to make learning connections.  Lastly auditory learners benefit from talking and communicating with others during the math games.  Learning through games is where it is at!

Some of my favorite math games include Multiplication Jenga and Multiplication War.


Multiplication War

To play this game, dice or playing cards can be used.  Team players flip over two cards face up.  Multiply the two numbers on the cards together.  Whoever has the highest product keeps the cards wins.

To play Multiplication War with dice, students roll 2 dice and then multiply the number together.  Then, the person with the highest product wins the round.  Looking to incorporate math language?  Invite players to say their fact and product.  Six times three is the product eighteen.  

Fun ways to Practice Multiplication Facts during the Summer with Multiplication Color by Number Activities

Multiplication Jenga

To play this game, convert a wooden jenga game to a math fact game by writing math facts of both sides of the blocks in marker (or on a label). Build the Jenga tower in rows of three – turning the upper row in a 90 degree direction.  Players take turns saying multiplication facts with their product and then take the block from any level.  The game ends when the tower falls.



Summer is the time to be outside soaking up the sunshine and fresh air.  Why not incorporate 20 minutes of learning in the sunshine?  Art encourages kids to have fun and express themselves.

Math facts can be practiced using sidewalk chalk.  A drive way or a front porch is a perfect canvas for students to write and design their times tables using chalk or sidewalk paint.  These supplies can be reasonably purchased at the Dollar Store, Target or a craft store.  

Speaking of canvas, we love painting in water colors.  Sitting on a deck, patio or bench is a great place to do a little painting and practicing math facts.  Using Q-tips to paint can also be fun and different.
Fun ways to Practice Multiplication Facts during the Summer with Multiplication Color by Number Activities


Other art options can also include rolling math facts with play doh or clay – so fun and great for hands-on learners. 
Lastly, my ultimate clean smelling favorite…shaving cream.  Grab a cookie sheet and some cheap shaving cream and you have messy creamy fun.  Best bonus? It smells nice and cleans – although I would recommend wiping down the surface with soap and water when done because it can leave a residue.
Fun ways to Practice Multiplication Facts during the Summer with Multiplication Color by Number Activities



Coloring activities is my absolute favorite way to incorporate both an art and game combo.  Because there is no pressure in color by number math practice can be very soothing and relaxing at the same time.
Fun ways to Practice Multiplication Facts during the Summer with Multiplication Color by Number Activities
Supporting your Third Grade or Fourth Grade students to practice their multiplication facts throughout the summer can be a challenge. But, it’s an important practice they need to continue to be ready for school startup and higher math.

If you are noticing your students struggling to recall the multiplication facts for fluency and accuracy, this color by number packet is perfect practice to use during the summer. Also, you can use it in the classroom during the last few days of school or put it in a summer math packet. Just print and go!


Teachers like you are saying, “This resource was a great way for my students to practice their multiplication facts this summer. I love how it was summer themed.” Kim H

You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!

Summer Multiplication Ideas for 3rd Grade Math and 4th Grade Math


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