3 Printable Math Games Your 3rd Graders will be Begging to Play

Instant recall and mastering multiplication facts for fluency are needed for exponent work. Also, determining common denominators for adding and subtracting fractions, and solving algebraic equations are just as important. But, your students are probably getting tired of practicing facts with flashcards, right? It can be redundant and dull. Memorizing multiplication products can be challenging for many kids. Therefore, If you can find just 10 minutes in the school day to incorporate fun, hands-on multiplication activities, your students will thank you! Also, these printable math games are perfect for homeschooling families as well.

Here are just some of my students’ favorite multiplication practice activities and games

* Multiplication War with a deck of cards

* Multiplication War with dice

(Students each roll two dice multiplying them together for the product.  Then, the student with the largest number wins)

  • * Four in a Row Multiplication Game
  • * Multiplication Bump
  • * Multiplication Jenga
  • * Memory using number cards or flashcards
  • * Online games and apps like IXL and Multiplication Kids app
  • * Number Puzzles
  • * Tic Tac Toe
  • * Factor Find Dice Game
  • * Writing Multiplication Math Facts with shaving cream, sidewalk chalk, or in colored sand
  • * Color by Number Multiplication Activities

Here is a little more detail about how to play the Multiplication Games my students love

Printable Math Game One: Number Puzzles

Number of Players Needed: 1

Materials:  Number Puzzles and Crayons (or Markers)

Directions: Students find and color the multiplication equations in word search/ number search format. Because this game only needs ONE player, it’s great for morning work, early finishers, or printing for students to play at home!

 Grab this Number Puzzle FREEBIE HERE or purchase the entire bundle HERE

So, If you’re looking for FREE printable multiplication games for your 3rd Grade Math students or homeschool students, you’re in the right place. And, there are still 2 more fun games to go!

Printable Math Game Two: Tic Tac Toe

Number of Players Needed: 2

Materials:  Tic Tac Toe Printed Game Mat and a crayon for each student

Directions: Each student solves a multiplication problem. Then, they place an X or O over the answer. The first to get three in a row wins! Just like the all-time favorite classic game.

So, this printable multiplication game is great for math centers, morning work, indoor recess, and even as an activity for early finishers.

Grab this Multiplication Tic Tac Toe Game FREEBIE HERE. Or, purchase the entire bundle HERE

And, last by not least my all-time favorite game …Factor Find

Printable Game Three: Factor Find

Number of Players Needed: 2

Materials:  Factor Find Printed Game Mat and a crayon for each student

Directions: Factor Find is an easy and fun dice game for 2 students.  Students take turns rolling dice and coloring the box matching the factor number they rolled to make the equation true. 

Multiplication Factor Find Game FREEBIE HERE or purchase the entire bundle HERE

You can print out all of my math games and create student game folders. Or, staple them all together to create game packets!

These printable game packets are perfect for:

  • Multiplication Practice Morning Work
  • Early Finisher Multiplication Activities
  • Quick Breaks
  • Indoor Recess
  • End of Day Activities
  • Homeschool Fun
  • Printable Multiplication Practice for Summer

Here’s what teachers, like you, are saying about my printable math games for Factors 2 to 6

“Students are loving these activities. Made them into little packets that students complete at home for homework..” Holly C

“My students have loved doing these different activities to practice multiplication. I’ve been able to differentiate their work based on the facts they are on. My students love the different ways to practice multiplication.”  Rebecca H

In Conclusion

Giving your students multiple opportunities to practice multiplication is beneficial AND fun! (See what I did there?) And, these games are perfect for those 10-minute windows of time. Because of this, you can get meaningful practice done in those valuable 10 minutes!

Helping your Second, Third Graders, or Fourth Grades master their multiplication facts with instant recall and accuracy can be tricky. But, it’s an important skill they need to master for word problems, solving areas, beginning algebra, and even fraction work! 

If you’ve ever noticed your students struggling to recall their basic multiplication facts, this packet is perfect practice. So, you can use it as morning work, homework, small group enrichment centers, or even as partner work. Just print and go!

Elementary Math Teachers are loving this resource for tackling multiplication facts! Because of this, one teacher said, “Absolutely love this!!! I really appreciate how this covers all the basic multiplication tables and has great engaging activities for each one. My students and I love this! Thank you!”   Melanie D

You’ll find enough printable math games to last you an entire school year in my TPT store as well.

You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!


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