Division Fact Practice for Fun and Creative Minds

“Why did the student wear glasses in math class?” To improve di-vision! Ba Dum Tss! Unfortunately most kids do not find division facts practice a laughing matter. In fact many struggle to understand the concept and hold onto basic fast answers. Instant recall and mastering division facts for fluency are needed for all sorts of higher math problems including long division, real-world problems, fraction work, solving algebraic equations, and order of operations (to just name a few)

But, your students are probably getting tired of practicing facts with flashcards, right? It can be redundant and ever so unexciting. Memorizing division quotients can be challenging for many kids. Therefore, If you can find just 10 minutes in the school day to incorporate fun, hands-on division activities, your students will thank you!

Here are a few DIVISION TIPS

* Remind students division is SHARING EQUALLY (I call division a boy. Boys like to “take things apart”. Division is the Cousin of Subtraction. Like subtraction, division takes apart.

* Students can think of multiplication facts when trying to solve division. Multiplication is the inverse to Division. (Inverse is a great vocabulary word to teach as well during this unit) I also call Multiplication the sister of Division. Both operations involve using equal groups.

* Practice Memorizing Division Facts with Games or Hand-On Art Supplies (Practice math facts with games can bo so much fun like the classic games “Memory” or “Go Fish”. Use sidewalk chalk during recess practicing facts on the blacktop or shaving cream at desks)

* Teach Divisibility Rules early. (some numbers have great divisibility rules – yes we all love our even numbers (divisible by 2) and numbers ending in 0 and 5 (divisible by 5) but do you know the divisibility rules of 3 and 9? (Add the digits together 51 is 5+1=6 Three likes six so 51 is divisible by three but not nine)

* Practice Division Facts using technology like apps or BOOM Cards Try my BOOM Cards Dividing by 4 FREE Set Grab it below.

* Color by Number Division Activities

Color by Number Division FUN

My students can not get enough of my color by number math fact practice activities. They are calming, colorful, cute and clever Coloring can also help improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It can improve focus by activating the brain’s frontal lob as well as reducing anxiety.

So, If you’re looking for a FREE printable division activity for your 3rd Grade, 4th Grade Math students or homeschool students, you’re in the right place. Grab the FREE Color by Number below.

 Grab the DIVISION Coloring FREEBIE HERE or purchase the Division Coloring Resource HERE

These printable Division Color by number Practice Activities are perfect for:

  • Math Fact Practice Morning Work
  • Early Finisher Math Fact Activities
  • Quick Breaks
  • Indoor Recess
  • End of Day Activities
  • Homeschool Fun
  • Printable Division Practice for Summer

Here’s what teachers, like you, are saying about my printable Division Color by Number Baseball Themed Activities

“I loved the sports theme! It was great review for students and the color coding really allowed them to check their work!.” Niki M

“Perfect engaging activity for practicing division. My students love that they get to color after solving each fact. Thank you!.”  Diva S

In Conclusion

Giving your students multiple opportunities to practice Division Facts is beneficial AND fun! These activities are perfect for those 10-minute windows of time. Because of this, you can get meaningful practice done in those valuable 10 minutes!

Helping your Third Graders, or Fourth Grades master their division facts with instant recall and accuracy can be tricky. But, it’s an important skill they need to master for long division, word problems, beginning algebra, and even fraction work! 

If you’ve ever noticed your students struggling to recall their basic division facts, this packet is perfect practice. So, you can use it as morning work, homework, small group enrichment centers, or even as partner work. Just print and go!

Elementary Math Teachers are loving this resource for tackling division facts! It has been classroom tested by over 500 teachers!

You’ll find enough printable math games and color by number activities to last you an entire school year in my TPT store as well.

Looking for Even More Fun Ways to Engage Your Students in Division Practice?

Check out my post on Digital Division Practice your students are sure to love!

You can always “COUNT ON ME” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!


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