Gobble! Gobble! It is almost Turkey Time. That means it is time to integrate THANKSGIVING FUN with math. The days leading up to the holiday can busy and hectic.  Why not take that time to brush up on multiplication facts.  

Knowing multiplication math facts fluently and with instant recall is crucial for several reasons:

1. Foundation for Advanced Math Skills:  Multiplication lays the groundwork for more advanced mathematical concepts, such as division, fractions, and algebra. 

2. Efficiency in Problem Solving:  Fluency in multiplication allows students to solve problems more quickly and efficiently. This is important as students encounter more complex problems and real-life situations that require multiplication skills.

3. Application in Everyday Life: Multiplication is used in various everyday situations, such as calculating prices, determining quantities in recipes, and understanding measurements. Having a strong foundation in multiplication helps students apply their math skills to real-life scenarios.

4. Confidence Building:  Mastering multiplication facts contributes to a student’s confidence in their math abilities. Feeling confident in their skills encourages students to tackle more challenging problems and persevere through difficult math topics.

5. Preparation for Division: Division is the inverse to multiplication. A strong understanding of multiplication facilitates the learning of division.

Promoting regular fact practice can significantly contribute to overall mathematical development and academic success. Full disclosure: I know my multiplication facts faster than my division facts.  Ssssh, don’t tell my students. 


So grab your brightest and most colorful crayons and let’s get started!  What a GREAT way to have your Third Grade Math students, Fourth Grade Math, or even your Fifth Grade Math students review their multiplication facts for fluency and accuracy than with Multiplication Color by Number Activities?  

My students love coloring and I love the quiet and calmness it seems to bring to my classroom. I have even been known to play relaxing Enya or slow jazz while children work in small groups or independently on these worksheets.   

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.  I created this Thanksgiving Multiplication Worksheet just for you.

CLICK HERE to download this Thanksgiving Multiplication FREEBIE

If your students enjoyed practicing their multiplication facts with the freebie above, check out the following Thanksgiving Multiplication Color by Number Activities on TPT.  Each page focuses on a different factor. So some of your students can be brushing up on their times 2 or times 10 facts, while other students can be focusing on reviewing more challenging facts like times 8 or times 12.  

Thanksgiving Math Packet

So if you are looking for some entertaining independent math activities, this packet is perfect practice. You can use it as morning work, homework, in small group enrichment centers, or even as partner work. Just print and go!

Teachers are loving this resource for Thanksgiving Math Fun!  One teacher said, “Made this into a booklet for the week of Thanksgiving. My students really enjoyed it and kept the craziness down before break. Thanks!”


You can always “count on me” for engaging, differentiated math resources to help every student shine!


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