Hey there, I’m Tricia,

the creative mind behind Count on Tricia. I was DESTINED to be a teacher

I have a very distinct memory as a child sitting at the kitchen table with a pit in my stomach, struggling to do schoolwork.  My dad, right next to me, trying to support me (ok…really doing the work himself).  Only to do it all over again the next day.  For years and years!  The running joke in the family was when Tricia graduates, my parents should take a picture of themselves in my cap and gown! 

Then I took a chance, the once shy girl, got on a plane and headed to the BIGGEST university I could find – almost halfway across the country. Talk about learning how to grow up fast and on your own!  It was there that I fell in LOVE with education and learned how to be an amazing educator.  True story. Just ask my dad. 


After being a DISNEY Cast Member and graduating Michigan State with a Masters Curriculum and Teaching, I have been passionately teaching elementary school in Florida and Michigan since 1997 – Second Grade, First Grade and Kindergarten Classroom Teacher to Math Support Teacher and Math Specialist Grades K-5.  I have taught hundreds upon hundreds of students.   With these experiences, I feel I gained a wealth of knowledge worth TONS in gold.


You can usually find me in my classroom with a nice tall glass of vanilla iced coffee with TONS of sugars (unfortunately for me and my waist line – I think sugar makes the world go round) playing relaxing jazz music to calm my students, teaching my heart out and designing math resources for you.

I have an incredible hubby and 3 over the top energetic boys. We also share our home with a ridiculously beautiful yellow lab named Dakota. When I’m not working, you might find me hanging out with my family at the lake house (it’s a Michigan Thing) or traveling the United States in one of our Jeeps (Yellow Jeep = 50th Birthday gift after never ending mini-vans).


I believe the great TRIFECTA in teaching math SUCCESSFULLY to your students is

1. Scaffolding and Differentiation

2. Math Fact Fluency

3. Amazing Parent Communication

The end result? Confident mathematicians who believe in themselves and aren’t afraid to TRY ANYTHING!

I love that through Count on Tricia, I am able to help teachers support their students and make a positive impact worldwide.   As sappy as that sounds, it is 100% true!